#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


247SportsBookie Offers What Counts – Reliable PPH Bookie Software

What is the difference between appearing like a rank amateur and giving the off the air of being a seasoned professional? Well, it’s the way you look, of course. And in the sports betting business, that means having a great design for your website and strong bookie software for your customers to use.

Through the magic of Price Per Head (PPH) and 247SportsBookie, any independent, private sports betting operation can look just like the pros, and work just like one as well.

What makes all of this happen? Well, it’s that 247SportsBookie.com makes the same software available that is a part of the world’s leading online sportsbooks. And in the most unbelievable arrangement, the bookmaker, who under this format is referred to as the “agent,” has complete control of the operation through a comprehensive “back end” and can offer customers everything they can get in the way of bookie service at a casino/sportsbook online.

What does this mean for the end consumer? Well, it is an issue of reliability, for one thing. The software has worked for thousands and thousands of post-up customers and will work better than any system you may have had in place for your sports betting customers before.

What you will need, if you are looking to get the most satisfaction out of the people that use your bookie service, is an infrastructure that virtually assures you that it will not “go down.” So 247SportsBookie utilizes backups upon backups to ensure that no agent has to turn around and tell his players that they have to wait in order to place a bet.

When a customer places a wager over this system, they have done so after looking at the latest odds (and they are up-to-the-minute) on the interface. These can also be changed on your end to reflect the direction of your action. When they use the e-commerce apparatus, they are asked to confirm the wager. Everything is on record, and that makes it essentially dispute-proof.

No one wants to go through bookie software “glitches,” and when your customers find out how trouble-free their experience is, they will look upon you and your operation much more favorably. And it will all happen because you made the wise move to associate yourself with the people at 247SportsBookie.

And it goes even further than that. If you were to be recruiting new customers, which the Price Per Head bookie model gives you every opportunity in the world to do, you are going to have a first-class operation to show them, which also inspires great confidence. And if you are one of those agents who doesn’t want to give his customers any reason to give their money to anybody else, you can take advantage of the availability of other things, such as casino gaming, racebook action and poker. All of the bookie software works like a dream, so your income can flow without interruption.

When you consider that you can transform your sports betting business and have so much flexibility in what you can offer, and can do so without huge up-front payments, but instead “lease” the software by paying a small price for every player that uses it (hence the term “Price Per Head”), there is absolutely no question that the time is right to change YOUR model to OUR model at 247SportsBookie.com.