#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


Different Prices Different Services

When considering the online gaming sites and how they are built and who builds them, not everything is equal. There are some great services that exist and then there are some duds. You can certainly find the best of the best, but the question is, do you need to pay for it all and are the prices different for different services? You can find a cheap pay per head service and, you can find the expensive ones. Remember this; just as with any other business, you get what you pay for. If the service is offering a rock bottom price of around $2 per head, you will probably get rock bottom service. If they are offering a moderate price that meets somewhere in the middle – this is usually your safer bet.

  • We know this; you must find and maintain an online presence if you care about earning a fantastic salary. Nothing grows more tiring than beating your head against the wall in an effort to keep your business going. You need affordable, but you also need quality. What do you need and what can you expect to pay for it, better yet, what can you live without and what must you provide to your clients?
  • You want your players to have the freedom to place bets 24 hours a day. If you do not offer them this option, then they will absolutely find the option elsewhere.
  • You may be thinking that you need special programming skills or webhosting experience, not true. What you need is the ability to turn on your computer and operate a mouse-the ability to point and click, that’s it. You do not need to be a software engineers or specialist of any kind.
  • Bookmaking software is preprogrammed and customized to fit your individual needs and that of your clients. The beauty of the best PPH providers on the web today – they are offering a month or longer, free trial.
  • Day to day operations are implemented by the provider and the entire operation is behind the scenes. The provider builds your customizable website and you add your clients. The software is extremely user-friendly and available for you to start using within a day.
  • The software does everything for you. The number one concern is a great budget. Now you can set that budget and stick to it through the use of player and accounting reports. If you are an independent bookie then you probably rarely have the time to figure out who is beating, you and who you are beating. Those days are over for good. Now you call the shots and you can actually limit what players spend on wagers.
  • Bookies are tired of doing everything on their own and they are tired of doing every job they never wanted to do. What bookies want to do is make money and the only way to make money is by recruiting players. The only way to recruit players is by having the time to do so, and price per head software allows you this kind of time.
  • It’s not often in life that you find a business deal that’s too good to be true – but it’s really true, this is that time. What the PPH is offering is a deal that a smart bookie can’t refuse. If you want to keep your clients faithful to your cause, and if you want the best money-making opportunity, then you must find a fantastic PPH and sign up today.

What do you have to lose, you can try the product with no fees for one month, if you don’t like it, and you find that the PPH is not for you, you are not obligated, and you can keep any profits that you may have earned during the month long trial. You will get the best sportsbook available to bookmakers, you will also get a world-class racebook that players will love and spend a small fortune in, and to boot, you get a virtual casino that give you a fantastic money-making opportunity. The casino is you bread, and butter and you shouldn’t be without it. Act now, set yourself up for the upcoming football season and turn your life around. Call the PPH today.