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Do You Feel Comfortable with Your PPH Service?

Having second thoughts about the pay per head (PPH) provider you chose to work with?

Don’t fret. It happens all of the time and it’s not impossible to fix. The sooner you decide to make the switch to a new PPH service, the easier the transition will be, but it’s never too late.

There are a number of reasons you may be uncomfortable with your current situation.

Some PPH providers are starting to require way too much information about their clients and that’s a big problem, as most independent bookies want to remain as anonymous as possible.

Answer this. Is paying your PPH service causing you headaches? If you answered yes, it’s definitely time to make the switch to a pay per head provider that makes you feel comfortable.

Reasons Why You Should Switch PPH Providers

These are some of the reasons we’ve heard from bookies that make them uncomfortable.

• Requiring too Much Personal Information: The big one is requiring too much information when registering an account. Some of the best PPH services allow clients to remain 100% anonymous. You only need an email when you register an account.

There are more and more bookie software solutions entering the market, but a lot of them are more geared towards the regulated markets and this is why they require so much information.

As an independent bookie, you want your PPH provider to be located offshore in a country like Costa Rica. This way you don’t need to go through any know your customer (KYC) requirements.

• Limited Payment Options: As an independent bookie, you likely don’t want to pay your PPH provider with a traceable credit card. Most PPH bookies prefer paying with Bitcoin (BTC) or one of the other popular cryptocurrencies, as it allows for anonymity.

• Long Response Times: Sometimes you’re going to need something fixed quickly. You can’t wait days or even weeks for a response. A PPH service is supposed to work with bookies to help them grow. If your PPH service is impossible to reach, switch to one that cares.

These are the three main reasons why bookies become uncomfortable with their PPH provider.

There are countless other reasons why you may want to switch services, but that’s not the scope of this guide. We wanted to illustrate that bookies can have problems with their PPH provider.

Your PPH Service Is Like a Partner

PPH services make a weekly fee for each active bettor you have. They perform a ton of tasks for the amount they charge, but at the same time, they should be helping you grow.

They’re not going to make any money if you don’t have active bettors, so it’s in their best interests to work with you. You should be able to contact a rep with your PPH service 24/7 if required.

There’s a lot of competition in this industry, you don’t need to settle for a service that’s making you feel uncomfortable. Jump on a free trial offer from a service that will treat you right.