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Europe’s 5 major soccer leagues set dates for new season start

Soccer season is coming to an end for millions of fans around the world that patiently waited for months until they finally came back and did it the right way. German Bundesliga was the first to take that step and finally bring joy to millions of fans and bettors, then the others started to come back slowly, and now, it’s time for a little rest and get ready for a new season, sooner than expected.

Bayern Munich took the title, once again, in Germany, Real Madrid left Barcelona behind and got the crown back in Spain, Liverpool won their first ever Premier League title and did it in style, with the biggest margin in all the 5 major leagues, Paris Saint-Germain won the title in France and finally, in Italy, the last one to finish, Juventus has made history by getting their 9th title in a row.

As if all this wasn’t good enough, there still the cherry on top, UEFA Champions League and Europa League will finish their season in August so that’s great news there, for fans, of course, but also for bookmakers all over.

So, what happens now? When is soccer coming back for a new season?

A lot has happened during this pandemic, as we all know, but in general, all big soccer leagues in the world showed great commitment and were able to finish their seasons taking good precaution and following strict protocols. Now, we have official season start dates for these 5 major European soccer leagues, and this is information you definitely want to keep:

  • Spanish La Liga: The new season is set to start on September 12th, as agreed by the league officials. It will be the 90th and 20 teams will play a total of 380 games in 38 matchdays. No fan attendance is being considered so far.

  • English Premier League: Season 2020-2021 will be the 29th of the Premier League, and it will also start on September 12th, and finish on May 23rd, according to calendar. There will be limited or no fan attendance in stadiums. There will also be a total of 38 matchdays.

  • French Ligue 1: French football did not resume after the Covid-19 break, instead, PSG were awarded the trophy, considering their massive lead in the league. Since they have had more rest than the other leagues, Ligue 1 is set to return earlier, on August 22nd. Each team will also play 38 games.

  • German Bundesliga: Out of the 5 major leagues, this is the only one that plays less games, 34. Bundesliga will play its 58th season starting on September 18th and it’s set to end on May 22nd.

  • Italian Serie A: This is the only league, out of the 5, which has not set a restart date yet. However, it’ probable that they will start playing on the same date as La Liga and Premier League, September 12th, and play 38 matchdays until May 2021.

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