#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


Is It Good Enough?

In this business, you are bound to receive a million and one ways telling you how to operate and what exactly you should do in order to strike it rich. We will not make you rich overnight, there are no gimmicks and we are selling no tricks. What we bring are a few great ways in which to build your business on solid ground.

  • The number one thing on any bookies list should be “management”. You must manage your sportsbook correctly. You say, “I am not a manager and I have never operated a business before”. This is simple.

  • You do know how to gamble, or you wouldn’t be either in, or thinking about getting into this business. Find a management system that has been proven to work and that other bookies use. Yes, you will indeed have to pay for it. It’s worth it. Listen… We are talking to you as if we are at the bar or coffee shop together.

  • What we suggest is real-time experience and nothing more. There isn’t a nose in the air or some hidden agenda. This is all about “keeping it real”. You will have to pay for a management service to manage your business if you want to be successful. End of the story, bottom line, mark it down… There is no other way.

  • You cannot do this alone unless you are wealthy and if your enormously wealthy then you probably don’t need us to advise you on much of anything!

  • Take your business online today. Do not wait another five minutes. You should have been online a long time ago and not being online has cost you big. Start reaping the benefits that an online sportsbook can bring you.

  • Find a pay per head provider that charges a fair price and one that has an outstanding reputation. The best PPH providers on the internet, charge around $7-$10 per head, per week.

  • The PPH is your manager. They are your personal assistant, they are your hired help, and they do everything for you. What you do is trust the process and let them help you grow.

  • You are not going online to beat the largest bookmakers across the globe. No, forget that. This should not be your goal and it will never be your goal. What you must focus on is Steve that lives in Queens and he’s been a customer of yours since ’93. Your clients are what you are concerned about.

  • You must keep them, and you must appeal to their interests. If you do not offer them what they want, then it’s a 100% guarantee they are already cheating on you.

  • Sports gamblers want to bet 24-hours a day – accommodate them. You do not have to take their phone calls at 3:00 AM, you don’t have to take their phone calls at 2:00 PM if you choose not to do so.

  • What you must do is offer them an online experience that they can find with the largest online bookie in the world. Now you are bringing it to your client’s desktop, or their mobile device. The best part of all this; you do nothing—

  • All you do is dial up the PPH provider and tell them what you are looking for or if you don’t know, ask them what would best suit your individual needs. How many clients do you have, do you have three or three thousand?

  • No matter how hard you try, sometimes you feel as if you are just beating your head against the proverbial wall. the PPH does everything for you and what they offer is the best bookie software in the industry that includes not only a sportsbook but a casino and racebook as well. They set the daily sports schedule along with all of the daily lines and odds. They accept wagers and grade all wagers on your custom-built website that’s free! Call the PPH and get started with a free trial.

If you want to keep your best clients and attract new ones, then you must have an online presence. Better yet, if you want to earn a small fortune this football season, then you have no choice. Pick up the phone and make the call today.