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NBA Playoffs – Bucks vs Heat, who will advance?

There is one huge favorite to win this Eastern Conference second round series, and there is no question about that. The Milwaukee Bucks are such a heavy favorite to advance, that even after losing game 1 against Miami Heat, the odds still favor them, and not only that, but the line is even higher than what it is for the Celtics to beat the Raptors, after winning their first game.

The Bucks have been an amazing, young, and refreshing team that has taken over the Eastern Conference since LeBron James left to the West. They finished the regular season as #1 in the East and with the best overall record in the league, 56-17, they have one of the best team dynamics in the league, Giannis Antetokounmpo is last season’s MVP and finalist again this year, plus he just won the Defensive Player of the Year award, beating the Lakers’ Anthony Davis, and to go straight to the point, it’s just really hard to beat them, we have to be honest.

However, if there’s one thing we already know is that the mighty Bucks are actually not invincible, they lost the Eastern Conference finals last year against the Raptors, when everyone expected them to go on and beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals. They lost their first game against Orlando Magic in the bubble, in the first game of the first round series, and now they lost again in game 1 of the second round, 115-104 against the Miami Heat. Of course, we can’t hide the fact that after losing to Orlando, they picked themselves right up and won 4 straight games, but the fact is, they have let their opponents know some of their weaknesses.

Bucks vs Heat – Odds to win the series

As we already mentioned, the Bucks are so favorite that even 0-1 down in the series, the odds still say they will be the ones to advance to the conference finals, giving them a -180 after game 1, while Miami pays +155 to take the series home and advance.

Miami Heat won their division with a 44-29 record, 12 games behind the Bucks, but they have proven to be one of the most motivated teams in the bubble, and in times like these, you just can’t dismiss that kind of motivation. Jimmy Butler, the team’s leader, gave us one of those great performances in game 1 of the series, scoring a total of 40 points, his playoff career best, and sinking a dew of those points right at the end of the game, to seal the deal.

Does Miami have what it takes to take down the biggest team in the East? Will the Bucks be able to flip the series again? Is the Greek Freak ready to put his team on his back again and carry them straight to the finals this time? It’s still way to early to say how this series is going to go, but what we do know is that it will be fun to watch!