#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


PPH world

If you are ready to make the jump, and you think you have what it takes to be a part of the sports betting business, one of the most exciting and profitable industries out there, then it’s also time you take a dive into the PPH world, and everything we can do for you and your players.

Sports betting itself is a whole other world, if you’ve been paying attention, many exciting things happen in this business, and lots and lots of money flow around all year long, and it’s time you get your own piece of the cake.

Why should I run a PPH bookie operation?

Whether you have many customers or just a few, whether you have lots of money to invest, or just a little, the Price per Head industry, and good providers like www.payperhead247.com are your best option.

Why? Because not only do we have the best and most qualified and experienced personnel, but we have the sports betting platform, the wagering software, the reporting tools, and everything else you need to become a successful bookmaker, and all for the lowest price and risk.

Price per Head gives you the chance to start your own sportsbook business for just a fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago. In fact, we’re not even talking about thousands of dollars here, we’re talking about just a few hundred dollars, that’s what it’s going to cost you to have a fully operational, world-class sportsbook running, where your players can feel at home, and where they will be able to find everything they’re looking for, and much more. We can guarantee that they, as well as yourself as the bookie, will be able to enjoy the best possible online betting experience.

Why is Price per Head so cheap?

Here at www.payperhead247.com we are prepared to offer you every single thing you need to be able to run the best sports betting platform possible. The thing is, we don’t charge you a monthly fee for our services, we don’t do revenue share, we won’t charge you commissions, here in the Price per Head industry, we charge a small weekly fee per active player only, which in our case is of $10 or less, depending on a few factors, but most importantly on the number of players you have, or the number of websites you need to be able to handle these players.

What this means is that, if you have a 30-player package, for example, and out of those, 20 were active during the week, then all you would be paying us is $200 tops, and that’s all we’re ever going to charge. You have the freedom of dealing with your players personally, we won’t interfere, our job is to make sure your operations are running smoothly.

Are you ready to give the PPH world a try? Give us a call today and let’s get you all set up for success! We’ll make sure your bookie operation is up there with the highest standards in this industry, and your players will thank you for it later.