#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


Preparing for Winter Olympics

Beijing 2022, the home of the Winter Olympics. Finding your place for these Olympics will mean big profits if you position yourself correctly. The pay per head industry has changed how local bookies do business and it’s changed profit margins. Have you ever had the thought that maybe all of the work that you put into being a local bookie is not worth your time and efforts?

We are here to tell you that notion is wrong. This gig is indeed worth your time and money if you are willing to step out of the box and do something different. The great thing about the pay per head is the low cost, and the ease of use. It’s user friendly and your clients will feel as if they are gambling in any one of the “superbooks” on the Las Vegas strip. There isn’t a better time than now to prepare for Beijing.

  • Sure, it’s still fun to head off to Vegas every now and then but your clients don’t want to bet every now and then. They want to bet every day, and more often than not, they want to bet more than once per day. This is where you come in as the local bookie doing good! You can now offer them an alternative to Vegas and that alternative is cost-effective and affordable for you.

  • The pay per head has come along and laid the smackdown on the competition. There is simply not a better way to break into online gaming, then with the services of a pay per head.

  • The PPH offers you the bookie a complete and custom-built, online wagering website. You will have an exclusive .com address that your clients can dial up 24/7 and bet with you.

  • The website is free of charge. You pay absolutely nothing for the website and full access to it. Now your clients can gamble at 3:00 AM if they choose, and you have to do nothing.

  • The pay per head offers you a clean and crisp website that’s user-friendly and comes with the best wagering platform in the gaming industry. The PPH offers the best in wagering options with all of the major sports as well as secondary sports such as tennis, golf, soccer, rugby, and much more. You get all of the sports and all of the days wagering action on those sports.

  • Not only does the PPH offer the best in wagering options, but they also set the daily lines and odds for you as well as set the daily event. You do nothing other than keeping an eye on your players, how much they are spending, how much they are winning and the trends they are following.

  • Now you can know on a daily basis with the use of free monitoring tools and daily reports. You will have on-demand access to all player reports as well as financial reports. If you need to set wagering limits, you can do so. If you need to offer bonus play to struggling players, now you can do so.

  • The PPH grades all wagering action and they update all accounts. The client will have the option of calling in their bet to an 800 number or they can bet directly on the website. They can also call you, but those days are pretty much over now that you have a personal management system

The goal is finding a viable way to earn big profits in a short window of time, and with the pay per head you can do exactly this. The cost is low, the details are ironed out for you and there is nothing to do other than fire up your PC, laptop, or mobile device and watch the profits roll in. The best PPH providers will custom-build your site for FREE, and your clients will be gambling against you from their personal account – in a day or two. Make the call today and change your life, change how you see life a bookmaker and start enjoying your job. There is no room for drudgery, no room for malcontent, clear out the negative and jump into fun, and profit.