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There’s a Difference Between PPH Providers

There’s a Difference Between PPH Providers

If you think that the Price Per Head bookie model for your sports betting operation is essentially a “plug and play” thing that you could do with just any provider, you need to think again. And again.

It seems that everybody wants to get into the PPH industry these days. That is because they are sensing that this is where more and more “agents” and customers are heading. They are right, but other operations don’t always have the right intentions when they purport to service customers.

We need to go over some things that you really need to look for when you are looking for a bookie service solution for your customers. In fact, 247SportsBookie wants to make sure that you have these items on your checklist.

— It is very important that a PPH bookie software operation be able to show you HOW it intends to keep your “up time” as close to 100% as possible. This is something not everybody pays a lot of attention to. As long as they get your money, you have to accept what happens from there. But 247SportsBookie.com will tell you all you need to know about backup systems and redundancies. They are dedicated to keeping everybody up and running, no matter what.

— You need to know where all the extra charges are coming from. With 247SportsBookie there are a few different packages to choose from, and they offer different things. But the important thing to remember is that there is no “sticker shock” from charges you never expected.

— And while we are on the subject of Price Per Head bookie packages and what they have to offer, wouldn’t you like to be in a position where you have the flexibility to make casino games available for those who want it? If your players want to bet the ponies, wouldn’t you want them to be able to do that, rather than force them to go somewhere else? And if they would rather look at the lines on your website, then turn around and call a real live person to place their wager, don’t you want to have an offshore call center at your disposal and for their convenience? You certainly need a PPH bookie service that can accommodate all of that.

— Keep in mind as well – not every company that offers PPH will construct a custom website for you. 247SportsBookie.com has talented designers on hand who can develop a nice, attractive look with a user-friendly site.

— Not every PPH company has the spirit of customer service, where they are dedicated to making your business work, no matter what. When you consult with us, we will help you make an evaluation of your needs and what we can do to fulfill them. We are not looking to sell you any bookie software package you don’t want (another difference) and can actually have you up and running within days.

Yes, there are plenty of operations that can TALk about what the difference is, but at 247SportsBookie we invite you to reach out and contact us and EXPERIENCE the difference. We’re not afraid of answering questions, so hit us up today!

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