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What Does it Mean To Be a Price Per Head Bookie?

If you are somebody who has been involved in owning and operating your own sports betting operation, you may have heard the term “Price Per Head bookie” somewhere along the way. And we can say this – if you know the term and aren’t engaged in it, you are sadly missing out on an opportunity. If you have NOT heard the term, then you are out of loop. If you don’t mind, allow us to educate you.

The way you do business now may be very comfortable for you, but it is greatly flawed. It is likely that you are leaving room for error, that you do not have the capacity to accommodate as many players as you can, and there are not nearly as many wagering options as you would like to offer.

You are also exposing yourself. When you have a number of clerks in an office, answering phones, reading out lines and keeping a set of meticulous records as any bookie service absolutely must keep, you are compiling a lot of paper. Maybe you have the kind of operation that brings about some “interest” on the part of certain people you want to avoid. Well, you are leaving quite a paper trail, aren’t you?

There is actually a way to solve all of these problems, and it comes by way of using modern technology, as well as a bookie service model that is tried and true. Let’s expand on that. A lot of folks have come into the activity of sports betting through the internet, and as a result many people have become very accustomed to looking at odds and placing wagers that way. This is because the software from the world’s top sportsbooks is such that it is reliable and easy to use.

Well, some of those sportsbooks have taken that bookie software, along with the technology that makes it run, and made all of that available to private bookmakers all over the world. Under this plan, the bookmaker (who becomes an “agent”) serves his customers through the internet, or through a combination of the Web and an offshore call center. All the records are kept on a server that is located offshore, and consequently no need to have a paper trail.

What’s great about it is that when you can use a model like this, you don’t really have to worry about managing a staff of personnel, or writing down lines. All you really need to worry about is monitoring your customers, paying and collecting, and then recruiting more customers into your business. The software that a company such as 247SportsBookie provides is capable of accommodating almost an infinite number of players, so frankly, the sky is the limit as far as how much money you can make.

This bookie software becomes available to you on a per person, or “Per Head” basis, rather than through a large leasing fee. So you are only billed on the basis of who uses it. That makes it so affordable that it is foolish to pass up the deal.

The best thing you could possibly do is to contact the folks at 247SportsBookie.com today and arrange for a Price Per Head (PPH) bookie package that can include your own custom-built website and call center accessibility. Your customers will love you for it!