#1 Sports Bookie Software in the Pay Per Head Industry $10 or Less


Where Can You Get Upgrades?

Tired of missing out on profits as a bookie?

Partnering with the wrong pay per head service can cost you thousands in monthly profits. How? Well, if you’re missing any PPH bookie features, you’re leaving money on the table.

Upgrading to a better sportsbook platform doesn’t necessarily you need to spend more either.

What Are You Missing Out On?

First off, let’s take a look at where you can upgrade to make more money.

If you don’t have any of the following features, it’s time to switch to a better PPH service. It doesn’t take long to switch providers and you’ll notice the additional profits immediately.

  • Live Sports Betting: Players want to be able to bet live on games at all times. If your PPH is only dealing out live lines during commercial breaks, you’re missing out on money.

  • Live Dealer Casino: Virtual casino games can make some extra money for a bookie, but the real money is in live dealer casino games, but most PPH services don’t offer this service.

  • Racebook: How many horse racing tracks can your players bet on? Are you only offering US tracks? You need to have a racebook featuring tracks from around the world.

  • Speed: Is your website slow? Many PPH companies don’t invest in proper server structure and management. You won’t rank in Google with a slow website in 2021.

  • Bet Types: Are you offering your players with enough betting options? Do you have futures, props and teasers available? What type of props? Do you have player prop bets?

Sports bettors nowadays expect a fast sportsbook where they can easily navigate to where they want without hassle. They also want hundreds of betting options to choose from.

A lot of local and/or PPH bookies won’t have these types of features. By offering them, you can steal players from the competition and quickly build a profitable betting sheet with active players.

Where Are Upgrades Available?

As we’ve pointed out, upgrades are available and you’re likely leaving money on the table.

Where can you get all of these features without spending a fortune in fees? A1 PPH has all of the features listed above and they offer a starting price ($7/head) much lower than most competitors.

You’ll never pay more than $7/head and the fees decrease as the number of players increases.

Don’t believe you’ll make more money with the same number of players you currently have?

A1PPH offers a four-week free trial with zero money down. You can try the service for four full weeks before you need to pay any weekly PPH fees. There’s not a better deal on the market.

Visit A1 PPH and a rep will get your account set up instantly.

They’ll even help you move your players over, create betting profiles for them, walk you through the software features and make sure you’re ready to start earning money tonight.

New bookies can also join and claim a free trial, but remember, you only make money with action.